About Old Federal Millworks

Old Federal Millworks was founded in 1990. Though we have specialized in different door styles throughout the years, customer satisfaction has always led the way. Because of our desire to meet customer requests, we have collected a great many different profile options for you to choose from. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and, in order to provide you with the best product possible, we order quality wood products, and keep our machinery as up-to-date as possible without sacrificing quality. We are proud to say that each piece that comes together to make the doors we sell is cut, fit, shaped, and sanded by hand because we believe that a man-made product enhanced by machinery will always outlast a machinery made product packaged by man. 

Our Specialties

We manufacture custom, high-quality doors, drawer fronts, and panel ends for some of the finest cabinet shops in North Georgia. Offering enough profile options to be able to fit most custom designs in both mitered and cope and stick assembly options, and also maintaining a suitable turnaround time for most projects, you won’t have to sacrifice quality to keep a reasonable timeframe for installing cabinets. 

Our customer service team ensures your custom cabinets are perfect. Quality is a top priority. We inspect each cabinet before delivery to meet high standards. Trust us to exceed your expectations.