Orders will be built EXACTLY as described. Cope and stick pieces will be made using our standard 2 3/8” rail stock, unless otherwise specified in special instructions. Using a non-standard rail size, adds an additional 10% to the design cost on your order.

When placing an order, note that production may begin immediately upon submission, and changes may not be possible. If there is a possibility that specifications or dimensions may change, we recommend submitting a quote for pricing purposes.


All doors are guaranteed by Old Federal Millworks to be of good materials and workmanship, free from defects that render them unserviceable or unfit for the use for which they are intended for twelve months from the purchase date. Because of the nature of wood, it will expand and contract. Changes in temperature, humidity and other conditions produce wood movement. Because wood is like a sponge, even after it is finished, it will pick up moisture and easily expand in mountain and coastal regions causing the wood to warp, twist or crack. It will also dry out and easily shrink in desert regions causing the wood to warp, twist or crack. Consequently, proper precautions must be taken during the storage, handling and finishing operations. We monitor the level of moisture in the material we receive. A proper moisture level reading should be at or below 8%. Doors with moisture content above 8% will not be covered by our warranty.

Under no circumstances should unfinished millwork be delivered to a job or site that is under construction or open to the elements. Doors must NOT be stored in areas subject to abnormal heat, cold, dryness or humidity. Raw doors have not been sealed and therefore must be sealed immediately upon receipt. Sealing the doors with equal coats of finish on both sides and all edges within one week from delivery is necessary to minimize moisture absorption. Cherry products require special care. Due to the natural photosensitivity darkening process, cherry products must be finished immediately upon receipt. Doors finished with water based products will not be warranted. Natural variation in color or texture of plywood and solid wood is not considered to be defective. To view details about rustic descriptions, colors, and grain variation for each material, please refer to the “Wood Specifications” page in our brochure.

Old Federal Millworks will not be responsible for improper handling or finishing of raw doors. Old Federal Millworks will not be liable for problems with doors that have been left unfinished for more than one week after delivery.

Products must be inspected upon receipt. Our guarantee covers the replacement of doors and drawer fronts in an un-finished state and in good condition, as originally delivered. A warp or twist of 3/16″ of an inch or less is not considered a defect. A twist is measured by placing the face of the door against a true plane surface.

Maximum sizes guaranteed for doors are 24” wide and/or 40” tall. Maximum sizes guaranteed for drawer fronts are 24” wide and 12” tall. In order for solid wood panel doors that are over 24” wide or 40” tall to be warranted, they must be made with multiple panels. Glass frame and mullion doors are not warranted against warpage. Door sizes are guaranteed +/- 1/16.”

Our warranty does not cover damage caused by our customer or the consumer. Warranty covers replacement of product only. Warranty does not cover labor, removal or installation of any product, or damage associated with improper handling, alteration or storage. All items claimed to be defective must be returned before credits are issued. All returns are subject to an inspection of the product. There are no other warranties of any kind expressed or implied.